Create your processes in BPMN 2.0 using a graphical user interface and add technical implementation at the same time by using the standard or custom libraries created in UML. The final models will be directly executed in the Scheer PAS Bridge, without the need for any further programming of micro services.

The Scheer PAS Designer is seamlessly integrated in the PAS platform. The functionality is tailored to the use cases of Scheer PAS and therefore enables a less complex environment compared to other tools. Due to the fact, that the models follow industry standards and are graphical representations, they are

  • – understandable over a long period of time
  • – have no language barrier
  • – are understood by all team members (business, analysts, developers, etc.) working on a project

With this, teamwork and mutual understanding between subject matter experts, process managers, and information technology leads are encouraged and gaps between departments (business and IT) get closed.

What is in it?

All functionalities for an easy  management and creation of processes and services:

  • Use out of the box connectors for a variety of use cases in the web-, database and ERP environment
  • Create your own libraries and re-use them as building blocks
  • – Work together with other users at the same time on one model and follow the work steps and changes in real-time
  • – Manage all projects in one single, web-based user interface
  • – Configure the user interface towards your corporate design and choose the language of the system to adapt to your teams
  • – The models hold data structures (classes) and application logic of services (UML activity diagrams) as well as interfaces to other systems
    • SOAP und/oder REST Schnittstellen, die der Service nach außen anbietet
    • Adapter-Aufrufe für die Kommunikation mit externen Schnittstellen, die der Service konsumiert


Multi-User and Teamwork support

Your team works together, not separated anymore.


You can connect to any system within your organization and make your processes interact with your organization.

Time saving

Collaboration and automatic model validation in real-time.

Executable from the start

Business process execution right from the start without coding but modeling in BPMN and UML.


You can either use the pre-defined libraries to connect to your systems, customize them or develop your own.


Browser-based and accessible without installation of additional software, in the cloud or on-premise allowing to develop and run your work on the spot.