Intelligent integration is the base for digital transformation. New and modern business models require an agile, flexible, and transparent IT landscape in which change can be implemented in a fast and easy way. Digitization only works only if the existing or new systems, as well as the business processes, are properly integrated into the system landscape. In the case that IT systems do not harmonize and function together, the business processes won’t be effective and will underperform or not-perform at all. And if you cannot act on change fast enough, your competitive advantage will suffer.

The interconnection of all systems, business processes, and employees within the company and all its principals is the real success factor. The use of a central managed integration component within your IT landscape is the key to flexibility and agile response to change. At Connectix, we have the best experience with the Scheer PAS Bridge as an integration layer, used for over 20 years in the market. It allows highly complex integration and digitalization tasks to easily be implemented with the model-driven, low code, and industry-standard development method. Further, the model-driven approach gives teams, working on projects, a common language, and significantly increases agility, speed, and transparency.

What is in it?

The Scheer PAS Bridge comes well equipped with the features an integration platform needs to have. In the following please find the major features that come with it out of the box.

  • – xUML Runtime for direct UML and BPMN model¬† execution
  • – Integrated Java Services Runtime to deploy and Java based services
  • – Integrated Node.js Runtime for to deploy and run Node.js applications and services
  • – A vast amount of Adapter to connect to practically any backend system
  • – Management Console
  • – Process Mining and Dashboard to monitor the process performance with customizable KPI
  • – API Management


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Model-Driven Approach

The use of models as a development language that all teams and stakeholders will understand. The models are documented and accessible from within a corporate knowledgebase.

Documentation is the Code!

Unification of specification, implementation and production through direct model execution. This means the models are the single source of truth!

Governance and Complience

Clear division between interests between non-functional components for effective governance and complience.


The Scheer PAS Bridge comes with all needed system and technology adapter to support integration against simple SOAP and REST protocols right to complex systems in need of EDIFACT, X12, ISO 8583, ISO 20022. All in by default.

Monitor you Performance

It is already a good start being able to develop and deploy your services in form of models that work, but more important is to measure their performance in real time. The process mining dashboard allows exactly that.