Only if you know exactly, how well your business processes in reality perform and how well the IT systems involved support your process, you will be able to identify inefficiencies and performance gaps and can identify and eliminate root causes. To have this ability, a business process performance monitoring needs to be established, not only to view the actual performance but also to do analytics on KPI which the processes should create. With Scheer PAS you will see exactly how your processes perform and you can directly act on issues.

The fast and effective monitoring of your existing process landscape is a challenge. But holistic monitoring and a permanent process analysis are highly important for operational success. In most cases, the analysis is very technical or the data is not going deep enough and costs to much time. The alternative can also be the classic Business-Intelligence Applications, which are mostly too complex and overwhelming and of course, come with high investment and maintenance costs. The main problem though is, that most Business-Intelligence Tools focus only on a specific IT-system and not the cross-process interactions between applications.


What is in it?

The Scheer PAS Process Mining and Dashboard enables:

– Bridging between management KPI and technical system information

– Sales information are as visible and clear as the reaction speed of your systems

– Every process is visualized graphically in all process instances with the important process KPI

– KPI of other processes can simply be implemented

– Your own specific and unique KPI can be implemented and monitored

Benefits for IT

  • – Real-time Monitoring of the complete IT-landscape
  • – Timely intervention through early trend recognition
  • – Monitoring of the business processes and also the integration processes
  • – Identification of process delays or performance issues
  • – Recognizing automation potential

Benefits for Business

  • – Direct overview over the weaknesses of your processes
  • – Alerts or actions if  thresholds are reached
  • – Precise Analysis of exactly these processes that are important to you
  • – Analyze system dependencies, without the need of additional technical knowledge
  • – Compliance and Regulations are validated through the process chains